The [deprecated] story of my Toyota Supra MKIII turbo.

Foglight Rewire

Category: Lighting — Jeff at 12:35 pm on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 |

Foglights Before By default, the factory wiring for the foglights (in the US) are set to only come on when the headlights are on. I suppose there was a reason, though in Canada, the supra’s foglights were on all the time, as “saftey lights” or something. A supra mk3, with JUST the foglights on, is a sight to behold. it’s damn sexy. I decided i wanted my foglights to be switched (so they are only on when the key is set to the “on” position) but otherwise i want total control of when they’re on and off. Ideally i wanted to just leave the switch on all the time, so that the fog lights are on whenever the car is running, but i also want control to turn them off if i feel like it. (Read on for step by step instructions.)

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Fog Lights (Stock)

Category: Lighting — Jeff at 11:38 am on Wednesday, March 9, 2005 |

The foglights that were on the car when i got it were relatively cheap aftermarket lights. i would prefer to have the originals. (maybe with cleaner, brighter bulbs, but the stock lenses look the cleanest on the stock front bumper.)

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Front Side Marker Lights

Category: Lighting — Jeff at 3:18 pm on Monday, April 5, 2004 |

The front side marker lights are just above and in front of the front wheels. My passenger side lens is nice and cracked open. it’s pretty amazing that as much water, snow, and other moisture that can freely hit the bulb, it hasn’t ever gone out. Cracked is cracked, though, and it needs to be replaced.

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