The [deprecated] story of my Toyota Supra MKIII turbo.

News: Nooooooo! -crash-

Category: Exterior / Body,General Info / News — Jeff at 12:31 am on Saturday, June 3, 2006 |

Horrible news.

On April 29th, 11:18pm, my Supra was in a wreck. It now has front-end damage, and it’s pretty nasty, but not too much to fix, and it looks like no frame damage and no engine damage, though the intercooler (stock) may need replacing.

I waited a while to post this, mostly because i just didn’t want to deal with it. I had enough to do with the insurance et cetera. But now i’m filling you guys in.

I’ve already found a guy selling a hood, fenders, bumper, and upper-bumper-lip for a fairly reasonable price; sanded, prepped, primed and shipped. I’ve already paid him, in fact, and he’s just taking his sweet-ass time shipping them.

The car was considered totaled (“$6,500 in damage,” but mostly because parts are impossible to find,) and i’ve received a check for $3,400. I spent much of it on the parts listed above (though i’ll still need to get a lot of sub-frame pieces) and some of the money went to my old Audi 5000 CSTQ to get a new fuel pump and some other stuff i’ve been needing to get done. I also picked up an old 52″ HDTV for $400, so I’m not exactly spending the money wisely. 🙂

I’m in fairly good spirits now, and with any luck, my supra will be feeling a whole lot better in just a few short months. For now i’ll just drive around the Audi, and save up some cash to get my baby back on the road. wish me luck!

I’ll keep you updated on any new developments along the way.