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Part Wanted: Roof Drip Moulding

Category: Parts Wanted — Jeff at 3:55 pm on Monday, October 17, 2005 |

This piece of moulding keeps the water from the roof and windshield from pouring inside the window, and redirects it back to the back of the car keeping it on the roof. It’s a little rain gutter.

Mine, on both the driver and the passenger sides, are pretty torn up. There are little pieces broken off, about the size and shape of a finger. I’m assuming the previous owner used the moulding to assist in getting in and out of the car, and ripped little pieces off in the process.

Now that there are pieces missing, rain drips down into the window and gets the switches all wet. The functionality of the moulding is gone, but it’s also an eyesore. When i put my hand out the window, i can feel the broken moulding and it just bugs me. Replacing them would make the car look a little nicer (or less junky) it would make me happy that when i feel the roofline of the window, it wouldn’t chew on my hand, and it would keep water out of the car. That’s good3.

What is it?

Check out the image to the left. (click to enlarge.) The highlighted red part is what i’m looking for.

I need both the passenger and the driver side pieces. They need to be in really good shape, otherwise replacing them would be pointless. Brand new, from the factory, at factory prices, i can get a set of these for (the outrageous price of) right around $80, but they’re not worth it at that price. I would buy a pair of used ones, if their condition was good, and the price was right. If you have these, and you’re wanting (or willing) to sell them to me, please leave a comment.

STATUS: Still looking for this item.
WORTH: For the passenger and driver side pieces, shipped: $35.

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