The [deprecated] story of my Toyota Supra MKIII turbo.

Interior TRD Badging

Category: Interior — Jeff at 1:22 pm on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 |

I found a cheap, nice looking TRD badge on eBay for a couple bucks so i bought it. I was looking for a place to put it on the exterior of the car, but nothing looked very clean, and i still want the car to look simple and nice on the outside, without too much clutter. I didn’t want the badge to go to waste though, so i put it inside the car.

I looked all over for a good spot that wouldn’t get accidentally peeled off by any passengers. The faux vents above the glovebox looked like a nice place, and i couldn’t get my knee to “accidentally” rub against it without really trying. Long story short: i stuck the badge there. 🙂

Project Complete!

…and there it is. This mod must add at least 20 horsepower. once i put this sticker on, i swear the car feels faster and the turbo spools right away now. 😛

Really though, this is a fun, stupid little mod that was under $10. 🙂

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